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Developed by the University of Cambridge, Write & Improve is a free tool that helps you to improve your English writing online.

More than 2 million learners of English have used Write & Improve to improve their writing.

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01Choose a writing task or create a profile
02Practise writing English
03Get your level for the writing task in seconds
04Learn from the feedback and make changes
05Create a profile to save your work
06Keep improving and see your progress
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Free intensive writing practice for every learner

The Write & Improve workbooks contain hundreds of writing tasks at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and for Business and Just for Fun, too. Choose tasks from the Write & Improve workbooks or create your own tasks based on your interests or homework. Your work will be saved in your workbook.

Encourages you to think about what to improve

Write & Improve helps you practise different types of writing by encouraging you to think about how you can improve. It gives automatic feedback and hints to show you where you need to make changes. Make changes and see your progress straightaway.

See how your writing is improving with a progress graph

The tool provides word, sentence-level and motivational feedback and a progress graph, so you can compare your latest piece of writing with your previous work, to see how you are improving against the international standard, the CEFR.

“Write & Improve helps when practising writing particular types of documents. I’ve been able to see my progress and how my learning has changed.” Jorge from Switzerland


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